FW17 Lining Artist


Textile Designer // Boston, MA // FW17 Lining Artwork
Veggani teamed up with Christine to create a vibrant, tulip themed water color illustration for our Fall/Winter 2017 Collection. This artwork is printed on our 100% recycled lining, created from post-consumer plastic bottles and has a surprisingly silky hand feel.  This lining artwork brings a light & fresh contrast to the winter blues!


Who motivated you to become a graphic artist?
Textile Design/Graphic Artist was in my cards without me even realizing it. I was very mathematical when I designed, creating repeat patterns every chance I had. When I was a child, my mother and grandmother would knit and sew clothing. I was mesmerized by their ability to create something from yarn or a few yards of fabric. I guess you could say that is where I started to love the creative process of design. By high school, I took every art class that I could from ceramics to screen printing. I knew I wanted to pursue design but had no idea that Textile Design was even a career option until My high school art teacher, Mrs. Erwin, guided me in that direction. We even had a former student who became a textile designer for Victoria's Secret come it to speak to the class and I was hooked. I wanted to go to college to study Textile Design and then work in NYC and that is what I did!
What would you say is your personal style or favorite type of work to do?
My personal style is boho. I am obsessed with designing paisleys, medallions, anything Global. Mixing and Matching these patterns and merchandising them into a collection is my ultimate. Designing coastal prints is also on my top 5!
Did you get any good business advice when you were first starting out?
The best advice I have ever received is to speak my mind, give my opinion, and stay on top of trend.
Do you have any women who have inspired you?  Or other artists?
I am inspired by my peers, other Textile Designers. Social Media allows us designers to share our work and feed off each other. 
What do you do when you need inspiration or when you get into a creative rut?
 When I'm in a creative rut, I step away from my computer. I get worn out whenever I solely design on the computer for a month or more at time. I switch gears and design by hand: draw, paint, photography. When I create by hand, I zone out in a creative healthy way, meaning not staring at a computer screen. It's a more fulfilling and satisfying way to create and it re-engerizes my artistic flow. I also love to go bookstores to shuffle through magazines and books, I can be there for hours.
Do you have a pet? If so, anything you would like to share?
I have a few random pets. I married into a pet snake named munch. He likes to hide under the stove. We have a turtle named Lisa Turtle, yes it's from Saved by the Bell. I say we saved her from NYC's Chinatown, she was the size of a half dollar and 7 years later she still exists and is the now size of a salad plate. Nia is our kitty, she was adopted from the streets of LA and traveled cross country with us to now reside in MA and will soon experience her first real winter. She is part dog, comes when she is called and welcomes you at the door.